Mar 7, 2015

Infant Myiasis - The Decomposition Of A Raped Infant (EP) (2014)

Artist: Infant Myiasis
Album: The Decomposition Of A Raped Infant (EP)
Year: 2014
Genre: Raw Brutal Death Metal / Goregrind / Gorenoise
Quality: mp3@320kbps
Country: Chile
Label: Organopexic Gorenoise Records
Size: 24 Mb.


1. Emerging Hookworm During Gestation In The Placenta
2. Mangled Child Body Bits
3. Botfly Removal In The Pregnant Female Cadaver
4. The Beauty Of Putrefaction In Childhood
5. Infant #1
6. Fetus Eaten Larvae And Flies During The Fermentation Process
7. Amniotic Fluid Oozing From The Stomach Of A Newborn
8. Diggested Hydro Diarrhoetic Mass
9. Post-Partum Excretion Of Excrements From Urethra
10. Infant #2
11. The Decomposition Of A Raped Infant
12. Ulcerated Offal (Last Days Of Humanity Cover)
13. Saw Down The Remaining Carbonised Bits (Last Days Of Humanity Cover)
14. Rancid Stench Of Meconium & Child Mycotic Fungal Infections
15. Infant #3
16. Disposal Of Foetal Waste Conserved In A Formaldehyde-Methanol Solution

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