Feb 2, 2015

Vasomortus - Instrument Torture Of Pyramid (2015)

Artist: Vasomortus
Album: Instrument Torture Of Pyramid
Year: 2015
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Quality: mp3@320kbps
Country: Indonesia [ Kediri, East Java ]
Label: Brute! Productions
Size: 67 Mb.

1. Abbatoir With Plan Without Dribble Blood
2. Bestality In Perfect Cleavage Inhuman
3. Condemned To Until Suffered
4. Consume Disgusting Flesh From Slaughter Rest
5. Human Slaughter At The End
6. Mutilation In Casket
7. Orgy Of Dismemberment Torture
8. Suffering Retaliation Vile
9. Torture Of Pyramid

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