Feb 14, 2015

Oral Fistfuck - Spiritual Sickening (2015)

Artist: Oral Fistfuck
Album: Spiritual Sickening
Year: 2015
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Quality: mp3@320kbps
Country: Switzerland [ Winterthur, Zurich ]
Label: Rising Nemesis Records
Size: 88 Mb.

1. Sickening
2. Nemesis
3. Transcend The River Of Blindness And Feed Ém With Your Puking Hate
4. Aghori Sadhu, Beholder Of The Ancient Instincts
5. The Juggernaut
6. Improvise For Imperfection
7. Inside The Cage
8. What A Mess
9. Makyo

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