Sep 4, 2014

Septycal Gorge - Scourge Of The Formless Breed (2014)

Artist: Septycal Gorge
Album: Scourge Of The Formless Breed
Year: 2014
Genre: Technical Brutal Death Metal
Quality: mp3@320kbps
Country: Italy [ Turin, Piedmont ]
Label: Comatose Music
Size: 78 Mb.

(Chapter I: Protogenesis)
1. Living Torment of the Sleeping God
2. Urizen - The Burning Sun
3. Slaughter Conceived

(Chapter II: Rebellion)
4. No Spawn No Reign (Sons of Enoch Pt.1)
5. Breed of the Rejected (Sons of Enoch Pt.2)
6. Anabasis/Paralysis

(Chapter III: Obliteration)
7. Deeds of Eternity
8. Coil of Nothingness
9. Awakening of the Seven Serpents

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