Jun 18, 2014

Necrofuckphilia - Cunt Slam Her With A Sledgehammer (2014)

Artist: Necrofuckphilia
Album: Cunt Slam Her With A Sledgehammer
Year: 2014
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal / Porngore
Quality: mp3@128kbps
Country: Canada [ Lethbridge ]
Label: Dethbridge Records
Size: 38 Mb.

1. Tied, Bound, Head in a Bag and Left on the Patio (Intro)
2. Cunt Slam Her with a SledgeHammer (ft. Zach of "Whore Torture")
3. Groovey Slam Whores (ft. Bob X Shaw of "cuff")
4. The Pornogrind Game (ft. Zach of "Lascivious)
5. 2 Seater Hoe Beater (ft. Clay of "Cemetery Rapist")
6.Vaginal Fish Fillet Feast Day (ft. Joey of "Goremonger" & Dave of "Paradoxical Evolution")
7. Nasty Bathroom Fuck with a Cum Drunk Slut (ft. Abe of "Erotic Female Relieving Observations")
8. The Vagtastic Porngrind Voyage (ft. Josh of "Chainsaw Harakiri")
9. Substantial Blood Loss (ft. Zack of "Phalloplasty") (Chainsaw Harakiri Cover)
10. Shank that Skank (ft. San of "Festered Corpus")
11. Pedophile in the Next Isle (ft. Danny of "Filleted Whore")
12. Beat a Bitch Down if ya' Name Chris Brown (ft. Conor of "Unburied Horror")
13. Outro for the Homies (ft. Tyson of "Jesus Loves Anal")  

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