May 10, 2014

Guttural Engorgement - The Slow Decay Of Infested Flesh (2007)

Artist: Guttural Engorgement
Album: The Slow Decay Of Infested Flesh
Year: 2007
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Quality: mp3@320kbps
Country: Unites States [ Charleston, South Carolina ]
Label: Inherited Suffering Records
Size: 59 Mb.

1. The Process Begins (Intro)
2. The Slow Decay of Infested Flesh
3. Job For A Hammer
4. Bile Defilement
5. Molested Dissection
6. Cadaveric Maggot Copulation
7. Omnipresent Ecchymosis
8. Cinder Block Facial Reconstruction
9. Steak Knife Face Fuck
10. Chopsaw Sodomy
11. Gangrenous Torso Fermentation
12. Beyond Recognition (Interlude)
13. Wretched Sacrament

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