Mar 29, 2014

Guttural Secrete - Reek Of Pubescent Despoilment [Re-Issued] (2009)

Artist: Guttural Secrete
Album: Reek Of Pubescent Despoilment
Year: 2009 [Re-Issued]
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Quality: mp3@320kbps
Country: United States [Las Vegas, Nevada]
Size: 116 Mb.

1.Razorized Ball Gag 03:56
2.Larva Masturbation 01:57
3.Coprophilic Asphyxia 03:10
4.Gluttonous Portions of Intestinal Seepage 02:53
5.Torturous Impregnation by Fecalized Insemination 03:20
6.Fecal Stuffed Fuck Stumps 02:25
7.Reek of Pubescent Despoilment 02:01
8.Gurgling My Seminal Filth 03:04
9.Feminine Skin Suit 03:04
10.Adultration (Instrumental) 02:40
11.Sculpting Fragments of Mangled Cunt 03:21
Bonus Track: Re-Issued (2009)

12.Slit into Succulence 04:23
13.Ejaculating Obesity 04:53
14.Incestuous Refiguration 03:54
15.Visected in Vaginal Bile 03:16

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