Sep 17, 2013

Kranium, Epicardiectomy, Dormant Carnivore - Goresoaked Slamassacre (2010) [Split]

Artist: Kranium, Epicardiectomy, Dormant Carnivore
Album: Goresoaked Slamassacre [Split]
Year: 2010
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Quality: mp3@320kbps
Country: Norway / Czech Republic / Russia
Size: 66 Mb.



1.To Fuck the Dead 03:53
2.Diarrhoea Induced Gag Reflex 03:39
3.Necrophilic Butchery 02:09
4.Dach Full of Baches 02:13
5.Chowing on Rectal Discharge 03:10


6.Intro 01:36
7.Endocystic Regurgitation 04:55
8.Rancid Flesh Copulation 05:06

Dormant Carnivore

9.Decomposed Entrails Colonoscopy 04:11
10.Defile the Temple of Thy Womb 02:05
11.Stillborn Ptomaine Extraction 03:48
12.Female Torso Snuff Relations 02:23
13.Viagra Doping Control 00:33

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