Aug 29, 2013

Habitual Defilemen - The Redemption Of Past Supremacy (2012)

Artist: Habitual Defilement
Album: The Redemption Of The Past Supremacy
Year: 2012
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Quality: mp3@320Kbps
Country: United States [ Mankato, Minnesota ]
Label: Sevared Records
Size: 43.1 Mb.


 1. Gagged and Hanged Pt. I
2. Self Inflicting Wounds of Insanity
3. Butchered and Stuffed Like a Pig
4. Buried and Burned Pt. II
5. Corrosion from Putrefied Filth 
6. Drenched in the Vomit of Peasants 
7. Exiled by Abnormalities 
8. The Redemption of Past Supremacy

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